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The Sheridan Douglas Tarot

The Sheridan Douglas Tarot was first published by us in 1972. The deck was based on 78 illustrations of the Tarot images, designed by David Sheridan to illustrate the book by Alfred Douglas, The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards.

The Sheridan Douglas cards quickly became sought-after and sold well for a decade before finally going out of print. Since the early '80s the deck has been unavailable, and its reputation as a "legendary pack" (to quote the words of the proprietor of a celebrated occult bookshop in central London) has grown steadily. Today, demand from collectors is such that samples of the original 1970s deck have changed hands for as much as $450.

In 2005 it became clear that the time was ripe to republish our deck, taking advantage of the latest technology to revitalise the original artwork and restore its glowing colours. For a range of customers' comments on our reprinted Tarot, see our feedback page.

Madeline Montalban and the Order of the Morning Star

Jo Sheridan and Alfred Douglas of Sheridan Douglas Press are the only persons authorised by the copyright holder to publish the occult writings of the celebrated English magician and teacher, Madeline Montalban. For more about Madeline's work and how it has continued since her death in 1982, see here.

We have republished The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards by Alfred Douglas, illustrated by David Sheridan. This classic book can now be yours after being unavailable for more than a decade.

about us

Warning: listings have recently appeared on eBay offering the new 2006 Sheridan Douglas Tarot for sale at low prices. These decks were part of a sub-standard consignment returned to the printer for destruction, but subsequently stolen. The police have been informed, and an investigation is under way. The stolen decks are easily identified. On each side of the box the wording reads '78 Tarot Cards in Full Colour'. If you are offered a suspicious deck, please report it to the police, your local Trading Standards Office, or ourselves.The legitimate decks have the words 'Sheridan Douglas' on the sides of the box. Legitimate decks and first edition Sheridan Douglas Tarots, published in the 1970s, are of course not affected by this and may appear on eBay.

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