Since the Sheridan Douglas Tarot became available again in August 2006, we have received numerous positive comments from purchasers. Here is a selection:

I have mine. It’s LOVELY. I have the original and this is better. Better card (they shuffle; my old deck truly doesn’t, much as I love it !), clearer, cleaner images – but still the exact same deck (well, except for the font.) I almost didn’t get one; I do have a copy after all. But I am so glad I did. Everyone rush, now….. !

Ms G. (Northumberland, England)

I got mine as well and agree with G, they are lovely. My first impressions of the reprint are excellent, they are silky smooth to handle and shuffle (not sticky at all).
As you can see from scans and photos there are some differences in colours and shades, for example, the Magician has sprouted white or grey streaks in his hair (i know the feeling LOL!) and as G. says the font’s slightly smaller.
I love the backs design, no more different shades of purple.
If I had to find any criticism at all it would be that the borders are not as ivory colour as the 1st edition,but then to be fair these are new and my other deck is 30 odd years old, so has probably yellowed a bit with age.
All in all, detail and colours much clearer.
The instruction sheet is also the same, in fact on the subject of instruction sheets the meanings given for major and minor arcana are so easily understood and straight to the point, making this deck great for beginners and advanced to read with.

Mr A. (Portsmouth, England)

I now have the deck!. It’s great to have these images in colour, in my hand, and I’m delighted with the quality of them as well.
The card stock is very sturdy, and they handle quite comfortably.
Today I am going to do what I call a “Let’s say Hello” reading.
It is my way of really getting to know my decks.
I am a happy bunny.

Ms A.B. (Illinois USA)

The new deck is awesome!

Ms V. (Washington USA)

I now have the Sheridan Douglas Tarot finally in my hands! Actually I have two of them, because I knew this would be a deck I’d be using a lot.
The production is superb. The cardstock is sturdy, with a lovely smooth finish. The colors are very bright, which is exactly how I like them. The backs are beautiful.
By the way, the background color looks white when you first look at it, and in scans; but if you hold a card next to something which is truly white, you can see that in fact the background is a very light cream color.
I was curious to see if I would enjoy reading with this deck as much as I suspected I would. I shuffled and laid out a Celtic Cross, and I found that yes, indeed, the cards speak very clearly to me, and they’re a pleasure to read with.
Looking at the cards singly does of course put one in a ’70s frame of mind, but I was surprised to find that when I laid the cards out, there was a sudden, overwhelming effect of ’70s-ishness, as if I had actually been transported back in time. Weird!
There are some fascinating differences in the pip cards when compared to the RWS, and I also found that there are interpretive clues that can be found in how the figures are colored, i.e. natural flesh color or pale color or intense color (or no color).

Mr L. (USA)

Mine arrived yesterday. The cards are lovely! This is a good deck, I think, for quick readings in particular. The simplicity (which is kind of deceptive – there’s some good symbolism there!) lets you take it in at a glance. And the quality of the cards is good and sturdy and I feel they will take a good beating in the outdoors or on coffeeshop tables.
Oh yes … love the backs! And the very faintly cream coloured borders (noticed it right off because I was kind of looking for it after this thread).
Love the Pentacles cards in particular.

Ms Q.P. (NS, Canada)

Yay I just got my copy today ! Yes the cards are very colourful. Easy to read and with lots of original features… I love the fish on the five pents, and the “round dog” in the 7 pents, and the dolphin on the 3 wands… also love the 9 of pents in this deck… Am looking forward to getting to know this deck better

Ms W.S. (Netherlands)

I got mine too! I ordered two because I was sure I’d love this deck, and I do! I’m thinking of doing the “One Deck Wonder’ and if so, this is the deck I will use.
I love all the cards, there’s not a clinker in the bunch. I like the way the majors are based on the Marseilles, but more modern and colorful. And speaking of colorful, I love the bold colors in this deck. I’ve done a few short readings and so far the deck rates high in terms of accuracy and ease of reading. It has a sense of humor too!

Mr X.K. (Ohio, US)

Today, I’ve received Sheridan-Douglas Tarot 2006. It took only 4 days from England to Japan. I feel the quality is supreme. Its color is very vivid and brilliant. I think this deck becomes my best favorite.
Thank you, Mr. Douglas!

Mr D. (Tokyo, Japan)

Well I just got this deck and I’m in love (I new I would be, I’ve wanted a Sheridan Douglas for as long as I’ve been into Tarot).
I love the way the Majors are Marseilles based and have retained the Marseilles titles and numbering – I just can’t get on with Strength being number 8 and Justice being number 11 – it just seems wrong to me.
The cardstock is excellent and even the backs are beautiful – I really like the purple and gold.
I did my first professional reading with it yesterday and it went very well I think.

Ms S. (Nottingham, England)

I decided to use a special 9-Card spread, new to me but old as the hills… and it really sings!
I saw some talk earlier about “colours” and looking at the way the cards speak to me (it is TAROT ) with the spread like this~ the cards are delightful!

Mr F. (Illinois, USA)

I must say this deck is a pleasure to use. I like the artwork so much, but of course I was in my twenties in the seventies so I guess I would!! A bit of a minimalist feel like the International Icon but with more expression. I am not a pro, but I am guessing that this deck would go over well with paying querents.

Ms M. (Ottawa, Canada)

The Sheridan Douglas deck is one of the best, most original decks ever made. It is only sad that it has taken so long for a new edition to be published.
I did not believe that the original could have been improved upon, and yet Mr Douglas has managed to do just that whilst remaining faithful to the much loved deck of the 1970s.

Lillie says ‘I love it!’

Ms L. (Wales)

I used them for the first time at the fair for public reading today (having kept them selfishly all to my little self until now)…and let me say they are HOT….
The colors pop and spark my intuition…the only other deck that has had the same intuition pop with color has been the Morgan Greer. I’m really impressed with them…thank you again for the reprint!

Ms L. (Wisconsin, USA)

Thank you for a totally professional service and the Tarot deck which arrived today, less than 48 hours after I ordered it.
I first bought the Sheridan Douglas Tarot in ’74, after reading your Penguin book on the Tarot (a dog-eared copy of which is on my desk as I type this).
Over the years and several house moves later, the pack somehow became lost, so I was delighted to discover, through a random Google just this Wednesday, that it had been reprinted.

It is exactly like welcoming home a long-lost and treasured friend.

Thanks again!

Mr N.R. (London)

* Most of these comments were first posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. Many thanks to the contributors for permission to reproduce them here.