Sheridan Douglas Tarot

Here are some places where you can acquire your own Sheridan Douglas Tarot deck, complete with instructions by Alfred Douglas on the meanings of all 78 cards, and how to use them.

Also available is the 2007 edition of The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards by Alfred Douglas.

United Kingdom

Order both the Sheridan Douglas Tarot and ‘The Tarot’ by Alfred Douglas from Atlantis Bookshop: [email protected]

Mrs Midian reads the cards as well as selling them and our tarot book. Open online 24/7 with global shipping on all products: www.mrsmidian.co.uk

You may of course order our Tarot cards and book through your local bookshop.
Ask for ‘Sheridan Douglas Tarot’
(ISBN: 978-0-9553738-0-0)
The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards by Alfred Douglas
(ISBN 978-0-9553738-1-7).
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