Sheridan Douglas Tarot links

Whether you are a Tarot novice or an expert, sites that you might find interesting and helpful include:

Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Tarot Association of the British Isles

Early Tarot Cards

American Tarot Association

Solari UK sells over 320 different Tarot decks plus Tarot books and other fascinating items, and ships internationally.

The Tarot Chest offers a wide variety of Tarot cards and Tarot books, based in the U.K.

The Tarot Garden site is a magnet for collectors, and includes lots of free resources such as a database of Tarot and an online library.

Do take time to look at Tarot Sulis where you will find Julie’s beautiful handmade Tarot bags and reading cloths.

The Online Encyclopedia of Tarot. With already over 400 members and over 600 pages of content, Tarotpedia is fast becoming one of the most developed online resources for Tarot.

If you’d like to learn Tarot, one place to visit might be The Tarot School to gain some inspiration

Joan Bunning’s well-regarded free online Tarot course can be found at Learning the Tarot

Lots of Tarot reviews, articles and a newsletter can be found at Tarot Passages, a valuable resource.

A site which should be looked at by anyone interested in the evolution of the Tarot, is the Byzant Tarot Library

More Tarot history can be found at Trionfi: History and Origin of Tarot

If you’d like to learn a Tarot card game, see Tarot Card Games

An enthusiast’s site: Raven’s Tarot Site

Another site for Tarot lovers: Enchanted Spirit Tarot